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Yes, we are really quitting. This is no nifty marketing campaign to draw your attention. In case you are interested we will gladly explain our decision. If not, skip to the 'sales' section ;-) 

A few years ago we decided on a major change of direction for Scrittura Elegante. We decided to focus on lesser well-known brands with the goal to introduce them to the EU market and try to increase their brand awareness here. This was also a way for us to differentiate us from others.

I think it is fair to say the strategy worked. We are proud to have contributed to the rise of certain brands in the EU. For example, for years we were the only mainland reseller of Laban. Now, the brand is quite established in Europe. We discovered Narwhal / Nahvalur and were the first reseller in mainland Europe. Wearingeul, once again we were one of the first. It took us quite some effort, but we were finally able to add Troublemaker. And of course Dominant Industries ink, we think it's justified to call it our discovery for the EU. We worked hard to get these brand to your attention. And we are happy and grateful to see in your reactions the recognition of us us as a reseller of special harder to obtain brands. Perhaps we do have a keen eye for this ;-)

But the strategy had a downside as well. As soon as a brand got more attention in the EU, other resellers jumped on the bandwagon. And of course we cannot blame them for it. But we proved to be a little to small in size to compete with just products that are a niche within a niche.

Finally, this led to our decision to stop. Also to free up time and energy for other things. Not an easy decision but we think the best one. We really thank you for all your support. Although we are a web store only, over the years we met many of you during penshows in Utrecht and London among others. And that was really and enrichment for us.


As of November 5 our big sale starts. Everything has to go and is available at at least 25% discount. You might be tempted to wait until the discounts get even bigger but remember: gone=gone. It is not coming back in stock. At least not with us ;-)

A tip: You might not see your pen with your preferred nib size anymore. But we do have loose nibs available as well. So, nibs will start at a 50% discount to enable you to purchase an extra nib of your liking.

Petra, Sjoerd, and Frank