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Discover Laban Fountain pens

2 Apr 2023
by Petra

Discover the Laban fountain pen
At Scrittura Elegante,we find the story behind a brand is one of the most beautiful things to discover. You often find out why the brand applies precisely that shape (s) or that color (s) in its collection. The Laban fountain pens are a good example of this. The Laban pen collection consists of several types of premium materials. All pens are handmade, so Laban can guarantee the quality of each pen. The high-quality Bock and Win nibs should not be overlooked either.

The history of Laban
The Laban brand was launched in the 1970s by John Hu, who was born in Taiwan. Many of the pens are inspired by the landscape of Taiwan, which was an important personal touch in John's eyes. John traveled the world with a suitcase full of pens to conquer the pen industry. He believed in his pen collection. Unfortunately, a period of recession, fierce competition from budget fighters and high costs made it hard to justify a high-quality pen. In recent years Laban has been picked up again by “people with an old soul” as they like to call it.


Laban uses several types of materials in the collection, so that each material has its own collection. Below you will find a small explanation of the various materials.

Brass is a metal consisting of zinc and copper. The collection that makes extensive use of this component is the Laban Antique collection. The amount of zinc actually determines the color of this pen. Brass can range from dark brown to silvery yellow. The more zinc the pen contains, the lighter the color.


Abalone shell and Mother of Pearl are often used in Asian art on lacquered items or woodwork. The technique is called Raden and involves the processing of small thin plates of mother-of-pearl. This kind of technique is also used in the Abalone- and the Mother of pearl pens. Although you can see that they are close-fitting strips of pearl, the body is completely smooth and lacquered round so that it lies comfortably in the hand and the precious pearl lies firmly and protected against the pen.

Resin is a molded plastic that is available in the most imaginative variants. Laban chooses the most beautiful Italian resins for its pen creations. From transparent to opaque or with a beautiful shimmer or mother of pearl. This material is easy to work with, making it an ideal base for the most colorful Laban pens. The Laban 325 collection is made of resin, among other things. You will also find beautiful examples of this in the Taroko and Mento line.


Laban available exclusively
Scrittura Elegante is always looking for the most special and the somewhat unknown fountain pen brands. As a result, we are often allowed to sell pens exclusively in the Netherlands and that also applies to the fantastic Laban brand. Laban has been in our collection for about three to four years and over time, new pens are still being developed. This keeps the brand fresh and up to date. Discover the full collection of Laban here and who knows, you might soon be the proud owner of one of these fountain pens.

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